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Hillary Hufford-Tucker, Career Solutionista


Hiya! I’m Hillary, a solutionista career coach that helps growth-minded professionals develop fresh personal brands that reflect their unique value. I inspire Gen Xers and Boomers to get unstuck, regain employment, or pivot to cause-oriented work.


I don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all approach to coaching. I use my corporate experience as a spin doctor, brand marketer, and graphic designer to craft unique brands that build confidence, lower stress, and counter ageism in the path to new positions.


Personal Brand Image Coaching

to tell your unique story


Assess Your Goals and Value

Together, we’ll envision new opportunities with personal brand narratives, skills gap assessments, and competitive analysis.


Build a Brand Narrative

Comfort comes in knowing what to say when asked, “Tell Me About Yourself.” We’ll build a personal brand statement and narratives that take the stress out of answering this loaded question.


Create a Stand-Out Resume

Your resume reflects your experience and goals. Let’s collaborate on a document that is both human-centric and works for applicant tracking systems.


Lead with Your LinkedIn

I’ll guide you through the steps to create a distinctive profile that reflects your work experience, unique personality, and career goals.

Build Your Brand Reputation

with one-on-one personal coaching

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Develop Digital Presence

Cultivate your position as a thought leader to wow your network and hiring managers. Learn simple ways to create content for your social promotion.

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Boost Your Network

Discover how to carry out non-slimy professional networking to help with informational interviews, referrals, and in reaching hiring managers.

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Define Your Action Plan

Learn how to create a plan that helps structure your job search or brand development while keeping your focused.

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Impactful Impressions

Learn how to prepare for presentations and interviews while exploring pain points, solutions, personas, company culture, and audience perception.

The Personal and the Professional are Intertwined

As you progress through your career, you carry with you all of life’s milestones, the good and the bad - from marriages to divorces, childcare to elder care, mortgages to college tuition, and fitness goals to health problems. The whole of you and your personal experiences – including your work life – impact your job satisfaction.

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58% of workers notice age bias when entering their 50’s

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70% of American workers aren’t engaged at work

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80% of workers feel job stress, and 42% say coworkers need help with stress

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84% of U.S. Workers Blame Bad Managers for Unnecessary Stress

It’s easy to lose perspective within the confines of day-to-day responsibilities. Take control over the uncertainties of a lousy boss, ageism, sexism, or career outlook by hiring a career coach to help you realign your career goals. 

Get in Touch Today to Get Started!

Reach out to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation call. Let me know the top two challenges for your career search and personal brand development.


We’ll determine the best time via email. And, based on the information you provide, we’ll evaluate the coaching package that will best match your career path.

​​Hillary Hufford-Tucker


Career Solutionista at QM

Evanston, Illinois (Chicagoland)

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