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Welcome to my personal brand coaching site and home of QM. Named after my two kids, I began QM Consulting in 2004 when I left the corporate world to help amazing people and small businesses develop their unique brands. As my business has grown, my actual name and the term 'career solutionista' have more brand relevance, such that QM is now more of an homage to my family and their support of my coaching.

​The term 'career solutionista' is a fun way of saying that I provide fresh personal brand coaching services for your professional journey. Being a solutionista continues to be the mainstay of meeting my customers' needs. I help growth-minded professionals discover their unique worth to craft a brand, find new employment, pivot industries, or move toward cause-oriented work. I believe there's no professional dilemma that curiosity, commitment, and courage can't overcome.

​My background as a corporate spin doctor, brand manager, and graphic designer informs every part of my brand coaching – so does my exposure to ageism, corporate reorgs, sexism, bad bosses, and feeling stuck. In short, I get where you're coming from because I've been there.

​​​After many years of developing resumes for many satisfied (and non-paying) friends, I decided it was time to take this gig to the next level. When I decided to go all-in as a career coach, I emphasized professional development – something I routinely tell my Boomer and Gen X clients is a continuous necessity.

​In 2019, I completed a master's in strategic communications. My focus during the program was on social media marketing and ageism in communications. This expertise helps my clients expand their digital presence while combating age identifiers, such as a cover letter that starts with 'to whom it may concern,' a resume that includes an address, or a LinkedIn profile that shows education dates.

​I am a certified career coach (CPCC), certified digital career strategist (CDCS), have a master's degree in strategic communications (MA-SC), and am a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARWCC).

Paired with extensive professional development, I make my clients' brands shine with expertise in messaging as a spin doctor, visual skills as a designer, and the strategic focus of brand manager.

I am a wine enthusiast and have a level two certificate in wine from the industry educator, WSET. When I'm not coaching amazing clients, I ride bikes, enjoy adventurous travel with my family, volunteer with my Lighthouse Rotary club, and appreciate wine and food with friends.

Don't let other people determine your brand or path – envision, explore, execute. Let's chat!