• Hillary Hufford-Tucker

5 Proven Job Search Strategies

The job search process is where personal brand activities become integral to reaching your goals.

It’s easy to get distracted during difficult times, so organize your search around specific tasks to use your time constructively. If you’re employed, the amount of time you dedicate to your search will be balanced with your current job and personal responsibilities. If you’re unemployed, plan to search for four to six hours a day while also allocating time to essential activities like exercise, skill development, and personal tasks that provide a sense of completion and fulfillment.

Creating a Targeted Search Plan

The best way to develop your action plan is to create a system to assign search activities to each day of the week. You can do this in your calendar or with a spreadsheet, but it’s imperative that you actively manage and track the process. Assign each item from the graphic to a day of the week. Use the ‘What Gets Measured, Gets Managed’ section to guide your priorities.

What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

Maintaining positivity and perseverance through a job search can be tricky. Setting weekly search goals can help you maintain focus. Tactics like those in the graphic will vary depending on your search, but other important ‘doable’ benchmarks include:

  • 25 & 5: Cultivate 25 new LinkedIn contacts and schedule five networking calls

  • 10 & 2: Submit at least ten targeted applications per week with a goal of two screening interviews

  • 10 & 2: Schedule ten networking calls per week with a target of two additional connections

  • 5 & 2: Comment on five LinkedIn posts, create one original post, and find one article to repost

  • 5 & 2: Research five target companies and connect with two relevant people at the company


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