• Hillary Hufford-Tucker

Career Stories with Benefits

Do you feel like you're telling the right story about your career?

My brand coaching practice rests on a background in marketing storytelling. So, when I view resumes and LinkedIn profiles through a marketer's lens, it seems that most of them lack clarity and the 'why.'

When it comes to promoting your expertise, there are two approaches you might consider. The first is talking about your professional activities, which in marketing terms is called features. The other focuses on how you can improve a customer's or prospective employer's life - or the benefits you bring.

If you were a hiring manager or customer, which approach would garner your attention? Solely discussing the features (position responsibilities or product descriptors) or conveying the benefits of how you fix problems?

In emphasizing solutions, the best resumes and LinkedIn profiles combine features and benefits. To identify your benefits, create a grid similar to the one below. List your job activities or product attributes (features) and your measurable accomplishments (benefits). Then, blend the feature and benefit to show your best self.

It's important to remember that features describe what you do, but articulating benefits sets you apart from the competition. Customers and recruiters want to understand the product attributes or your job responsibilities, but what they care more about is what you can do to improve their lives.


As a certified career coach, Hillary guides extraordinary people and their personal brands. She's a career solutionista that helps clients discover their unique worth to find new employment, pivot industries, or move toward cause-oriented work. When Hillary's not busy coaching amazing people, she rides bikes, learns about wine, cooks for friends, and travels globally with her family. Find out more and sign up for her newsletter at www.careersolutionista.com.

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