• Hillary Hufford-Tucker

How to Exert Control Over Your Brand, Even in Uncertain Times

Sometimes people in your company recognize your value, say as much, and reward you. Sometimes they don’t. You don’t control how people in and outside of your organization view the quality of your work. Or, do you?

I’ve received multiple promotions based on excellent work alone. I’ve also maintained high-level results that weren’t acknowledged because motherhood made my managers question my commitment. Looking back, I realize, for reasons too long to list here, that I should have anticipated the negative response to my motherhood and taken action to promote myself externally.

Most people can count on disruptions during their careers. Corporate restructuring, an unappreciative new boss, or a difficult team can tarnish your reputation. While excellent results are the foundation of what you do, the brand development tips below can balance the lack of control you might feel during times of uncertainty.

✅ Quantify and talk about your results.

Use your online profile, resume, recap meetings, and performance evaluations to summarize your accomplishments. You can also ask mentors and supportive network contacts to give the occasional shout-out.

✅ Create “social proof.”

Develop your position as a thought leader by writing blogs about your discipline or value-added solutions. Repost relevant articles from industry leaders in your online profiles.

✅ Build a network.

Using online professional networks, alumni associations, and professional organizations, create a diverse group of contacts and check in with them regularly.

✅ Identify annual professional development and learning targets.

Identify courses, certifications, or degrees that will take you to the next level.

✅ Seek out opportunities to speak publicly and provide training.

Use your insights to help others find success and showcase your leadership abilities.

✅ Look for ways to receive public recognition.

Without being boisterous or narcissistic, look for internal acknowledgment through company awards or externally with industry honors.

Many clients come to me after an unanticipated change. Starting from scratch and crafting the items above take time. They’re all the more daunting when you’re unemployed or are miserable in your job. Use these tips as a savings account for your brand – one that will pay dividends when things don’t go as planned.

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Photo: istockphoto.com