• Hillary Hufford-Tucker

The (Not So) Secret Way to Follow Through on Your Job Application

Not sure your application made it to the hiring manager? Boost your search by finding the decision-maker!

Why it matters: There are a million reasons a hiring manager doesn't see your resume. Between applicant tracking systems, poor resume design, and uninspired screeners, the odds might seem stacked against you.

So how do you reach out? If you want the job, you need to give more to the process. I've had clients receive a rejection from the automated system and an offer to interview on the same day simply because they made the extra effort to reach out to the decision-maker.

Have a template prepared: Sometimes the ideal job pops up, and you need to respond quickly. Be prepared with a template conveying your interest and fit, like the following:

I just applied for the [ROLE NAME] position at [NAME OF COMPANY]. I'm excited about how my background in [EXPERIENCE], [EXPERIENCE], and [EXPERIENCE] can positively impact the role. You can learn more about me on my LinkedIn profile at [LinkedIn URL].

I'm eager to learn more about [COMPANY NAME] 's mission to [THE COMPANY'S WHY] and would like to set up a time to talk more about the position and my experience. You can reach me at [EMAIL] or by phone at [number].

Find the decision-maker: LinkedIn has an increasingly powerful search tool and even provides examples about how to do the most effective searches on their "Using Boolean Search" page.

Search for titles and combinations of words. For example, in the search box, try typing "recruiter." In the "People" tab, use "All Filters" to drill down further, including connections, location, industry, and company.

The bottom line: The job application process doesn't start and stop with a resume. Although there are no guarantees, it's essential to see each application through with direct outreach if you really want the job.

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