• Hillary Hufford-Tucker

The Secret to Getting Refocused

Haven’t met your big-picture goals for this year yet?

I keep asking myself where the time went. Me, with big plans to finish a new personal branding workshop, create new LinkedIn brand guides, and hire someone to get the mold off the shower.

THE BIG PICTURE: Sure, I’ve coached clients to new roles and tackled key projects since the beginning of the year. But being the A-type list-maker that I am, I’m feeling a bit deflated.

YES, BUT: I really want to get those other items done! We all have ways of coping with feeling overwhelmed. When I feel off my game, I seek solace in organizing.

FLASHBACK: In what seems like a lifetime ago, when I was pregnant with my first child, I immersed myself in various books to figure out how to (don’t laugh) “balance” working and motherhood.

ZOOM OUT: Although balance was sometimes hard to come by, I remain committed to the concept of setting annual, monthly, weekly, and daily goals by assigning objectives to the many roles that I play in my life.

FINDING RESOURCES: I used guidance from various family management books to create a series of roles, such as mother, spouse, caregiver, employee, traveler, friend, etc. Some roles, like employee, included a series of sub-categories that addressed the many areas of my job.

DETAILS: Once I assigned annual goals to the roles and sub-categories, I broke each goal into achievable steps for specific months, weeks, and days.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The topic of work-life balance is commonplace in our conversations, but here’s the thing: What gets measured gets managed. If you put a goal to go to Greece in your traveler role bucket and a plan to complete a 5k race in your self-care bucket, you’re far more likely to do what’s needed to achieve those goals.

WHAT MATTERS: Life can be messy. As I re-work my goals today and permit myself to be flexible about changing focus, I thought you might benefit from the approach shown in the carousel.

Do you have a special method of reaching your goals? Please reach out with thoughts or questions!

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