Nikki O.

I have plenty of experience as a journalist and editor, and I’d periodically rework and tweak my resume, but I realized I needed outside help to upgrade my presentation and my resume to get more work. A fellow writer’s recommendation lead me to Hillary. Our sessions together were invaluable. Within a few weeks, my resume and portfolio site were completely transformed for the better. Shortly after that, I got my first assignment as a freelance writer with the Chicago Tribune, and I’ve been in interviews for writer positions with other companies as well. Hillary’s years of experience as a marketer and graphic designer are very valuable in this process, and I highly recommend her.

Jeff S.

If you are looking to remake your profile and resume to better position yourself for today’s job market, call Hillary! I can’t overstate how happy I’ve been with her keen eye toward helping me get well positioned in my professional rebranding.

Marissa N.

I highly recommend Hillary for helping with personal branding, job hunting, and career pivoting. I had been at my previous job for ten years, and much has changed during that time concerning job search strategies. I enjoyed having Hillary in my court as I launched my search and reconfigured my brand online. She speaks frankly but in a way that I could hear her. It has helped me see how others might be viewing me and then make changes to have them know what I need them to see. She also coached me through changes with my online presence and is very detail-oriented, covering all angles. I learned so much. I’m seeing results and getting calls that are targeted to my goals. I highly recommend her!

Carrie M.

Hillary is so wonderful. She made me see skills and traits I didn’t see in myself. Hillary is supportive of her clients. I have gotten great responses to my resume and LinkedIn profile. I never had this level of reaction before. Thanks, Hillary!

Sarah I.

Hillary was such a help! It's so hard looking for a job, and really helps to have someone in your corner. She provided excellent, helpful, and meaningful materials and feedback. I am so much more confident and self-aware as I navigate my search. And she still reaches out to me and checks in, which is just above and beyond. Plus, she is fun to talk to and work with. If you are searching for a job and want meaningful support, tools, and guidance, Hillary will give you all three and more. HIGHLY recommend.